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Warehousing Inspection: Why It’s Important

Some companies throw their inventory in a warehouse and leave it alone. That is a huge mistake. Whether you are using your own warehouse or you outsource your warehouse and fulfillment services to an outside company, inspections are important. If you use your own warehouse, you will need to inspect it on your own. If you outsource the service, the company you use should handle the inspections for you. Either way, you need to make inspections of your warehouse and inventory management methods a priority.

Make Sure Inventory Control is Accurate

All companies should have automated inventory management methods in place. The methods allow people who are offsite to check inventory and place orders. While the process is automated, an inspection ensures that everything is accurate. This accomplishes two things. First, it makes sure that the actual process is working as it should, and second, it guards against shrinkage. When employees know that inventory management methods are inspected on a regular basis, they are less likely to try to walk away with items. You can save a lot of money when you eliminate shrinkage.


Warehouse inspections also check for safety issues. Inspectors make sure there are not any dangerous areas in the warehouse. This helps keep the staff safe and healthy. A healthy staff is able to ensure that warehouse and fulfillment services run smoothly so this is essential.

Quality Control

An inspection includes a quality audit of all of the warehouse inventory. This ensures that the warehouse inventory meets all standards before being shipped out to customers. This keeps customers happy. Since you need happy customers to make money, this is an essential component of all warehouse and fulfillment services.


Inspections go beyond warehouse inventory and quality control. Inspections also help auditors find ways to improve the warehouse to make inventory management methods and employee satisfaction even better. Good companies know that they should constantly look to the future to find the next best thing, and inspections allow them to do just that.

Warehouse and fulfillment services should always include inspections. From inspecting inventory management methods to finding new opportunities, inspections help companies make more money. If you do not currently have inspections in place, it is time to start them. Otherwise, you will lose time, money, and possibly products. You could even lose your business.