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Top Challenges for Logistics Providers 2017

The advent of the Internet of Things and smart technology has expanded the responsibilities of logistics providers. Here are the top challenges that the industry will face in 2017: 1. Rapidly Changing Delivery Orders More and more customers are demanding a greater window of time to change orders. With better transport facilities, companies are in a position to fulfill that demand. Now the question is, just how much time can reasonably be given to customers to change the details of their order without costing the company an arm and a leg? The window of time may shrink from 10 days to a day or less[…] Read More ›

Common Furniture Installation Questions Finally Answered!

Once you have partnered with a professional installation company, you may have some questions about how the entire process works. After all, you have a lot riding on what happens next. With that in mind, read on for some answers to common furniture installation questions. Communication is Key You will want to be dealing with a single point of contact from start to finish, so you never have to feel as if you are explaining your situation anew every time you call. Your project is coordinated, and all installation dates, receiving and accounting are handled efficiently. You should feel confident at every step of the[…] Read More ›

The Do’s and Dont’s of Art Hanging

One of the finishing touches to any room is its art. You may have specific items such as lamps or vases that will complement your room and its colors and textures. One of the things that seem to stump people is how to correctly hang their wall art. It’s Not One Size Fits All Wall art comes in many shapes and sizes. You may have brand new items that need to be positioned, or older more traditional family portraits and the like that look well together. If you walk into any home or hardware store, you’ll be amazed and confused at all of the hardware[…] Read More ›

Supply Chain Distribution: What You Need To Know

At American Western Distribution, we pride ourselves on keeping the client in the loop and well informed every step of the way while attending to their interior installation needs. So let’s talk about the supply distribution chain and what you need to know about it. A lot has changed in the way supply chains and distribution channels worked since a couple of decades ago. The advent of the internet has had a hugely disruptive impact on the industry, and many players are still learning to cope with a new, globalized client base and all its attendant demands. A successful distribution and supply chain management style[…] Read More ›

3PL Transportation Capabilities Nationwide

When working with any kind of supply chain, logistics is a vital part of making sure products, packages and goods arrive at a set location on a set date. Installation service providers often work with varying third party material manufacturers. Due to this, relying on transportation between the third parties can prove difficult as different companies use different logistical programs. Third party logistics (3PL) occurs when a company outsources different aspects of distribution, which is where less stellar service providers run into trouble. It also is where the best of the best stand out against the competition. Outsourcing and Logistical Problems When a company outsources[…] Read More ›

A Day in the Life of the Best Logistics Company

Everyone in business knows there’s a lot more to what goes on then just what is seen from the outside. There are inner workings that if set up correctly, are crucial to a company’s success. Planning, executing and optimizing transportation operations, there’s no room for mistakes in understanding how all of your fulfillment and logistics come together. The Process is Key Once orders are received, the process has begun. Shipping the order out to a customer seems like it’s a simple enough process. However, all businesses are different. All transactions differ. All vendors are different. The whole process, inevitably, can lead to all kinds of[…] Read More ›

Best Medical Warehouse Supply in Phoenix

Medical supply warehousing is heavily regulated. Every stage, from packing to installation, must comply with FDA regulations that are far too precise for a standard warehousing business. You need a distributor who keeps strict standards of cleanliness, temperature control, and humidity at every link in the supply chain. Inventory control entails more than just the receipt, control, and packaging of goods. Software is needed for record keeping, as is specialized knowledge of state and federal laws. The Art of Medical Storage Storage must be controlled from the moment your products leave their manufacturers to the second they arrive at their ultimate supplier. Lives literally depend[…] Read More ›

Art Handling and Installation Tips

Good art handling moves artwork from one location to another in a way that does no damage to the artwork. Basic care and common sense will usually be enough to achieve this objective. If the works to be handled are of a delicate nature, more than ordinary care and attention is required. Once the art work is in your home then the process of deciding where to hang it and how best to install it on your walls or in other areas of your home begins.  A good in home installation company can help provide the services necessary to properly install artwork so that it[…] Read More ›

What Furniture Installation Can Teach You About Planning

You may think that furniture installation is something that doesn’t require a lot of extra thought. When it comes to your business or custom home, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The installation of desks, chairs, cubicles and other office equipment might seem like an easy thing to do, but, in reality there is a real planning phase that goes into any furniture installation to ensure success. Plan Ahead for Best Results Imagine pulling your entire staff off of their everyday duties to have them set up and install their own office spaces and other company areas. How well do you think this[…] Read More ›

The Importance of Quality and Speed

Whether remodeling the interior of a retirement facility or building a custom home, quality matters. American Western Distribution not only ensures a high-end finished product, but in a short amount of time. This way, other projects can commence without delay. With the combination of quality and speed, few other companies have the capability of offering you what AWD can. Quality of the Finished Product Above all else, quality is the most important attribute to any distribution company. If the finished product is not up to your satisfaction, nothing else matters. When working with any distribution company, always make sure to inspect everything upon completion of[…] Read More ›