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Warehousing Tips & Best Practices

Warehouse managers have to deal with a dizzying array of logistics on a daily basis. Questions such as how many product items to order for the warehouse at one time, how many workers to employ and how to ensure the entire operation remains profitable require all of the manager’s ingenuity. Here are some useful tips for keeping warehouse management operations running smoothly and efficiently. 1. Automate Data Collection The days of noting down logistic numbers on a pad or a computer are long gone, so don’t remain stuck in the past. Automatic data collection with the help of bar codes and radio frequency identification allows[…] Read More ›

What are Cycle Counting Procedures in Warehousing?

Cycle counting procedures help keep your warehouse operating well, without over-working your crew or making individual days or weeks overly complicated. What Are Cycle Counting Procedures? Cycle counting is the process of taking a count of a portion of what you stock in your warehouse. On a given day, you may have many thousands of widgets, and counting all of them would be extremely labor intensive. When you follow cycle counting procedures, you produce an accurate record. By following a cycle, you count a segment of your wares each day instead of trying to count everything at a time. How These Procedures Benefit Your Warehouse[…] Read More ›

Examples of Inventory Control Systems

An important component of good warehouse services is inventory management. This includes the creation and maintenance of a sensible, effective warehousing design. A well-organized, user-friendly warehouse layout is an enormous benefit to business owners, especially if they are involved in processing large volumes of goods and materials. Conversely, an inefficient warehouse system can cost businesses dearly in terms of efficiency, customer service, and profitability. An inventory control system encompasses all aspects of managing company inventories: purchasing, shipping, receiving, tracking, warehousing and storage, turnover, and reordering. In different firms the activities associated with each of these areas may not be strictly contained within separate subsystems, but[…] Read More ›

How to Contract the Best Interior Installation Company

When it comes to finding and hiring an interior installation service to do home installation, there are a number of things to look for in order to find the best interior installation company. 1:    Experience This is a big one. Does the company have the experience required to provide you with the best possible in home installation? 2:     Backed by Licenses and Insurance Make sure that the company you choose is licensed, bonded, and insured. 3:    Transparent with Available References An installer should always be willing to provide a portfolio and references. 4:    Quality Parts When choosing an installer, look for one who only uses[…] Read More ›

To B2B or not to B2B?

The concept of business-to-business services can seem baffling to some. If your aim is to sell to retail customers of your product, why would you spend money on selling your product to companies? Here are some reasons why B2B services are important: 1. Company as a Customer Not every product that is manufactured goes straight from the factory to the retail store. In fact, very few products do. For most products to reach the retail store, first the raw material is moved to a processing factory. The processed material is sent to yet another factory, and then yet another until the finished product is made.[…] Read More ›

Choosing A Superior 3PL Company with a Superior Inventory Control System

Choosing the right 3PL provider for your business can be daunting. There are plenty out there and you should use this competitive market to your advantage. What should you look for? At a minimum, you will want to engage a company that uses modern technology and tracking to be fast, efficient, and cost effective for whatever your 3PL needs are. Automated Inventory Control The key to defining a superior 3PL is their grasp on data technology. Don’t take this as a given. Some of the smaller players still use a system too dependent on manpower, with the same information for each shipment rekeyed throughout the[…] Read More ›

Choosing A Superior Inventory Control Program

You feel the time’s right to purchase an inventory control program. Your business has outgrown spreadsheets, and it’s time you had systems in place which track your inventory. How do you choose the best inventory control system for you? Here are five tips: 1.      Is it easy for your staff to use? You don’t want to spend a fortune training your staff to use your new inventory control systems. If possible, use the system for free before committing to it by downloading trial software. How easy is it to use? You don’t want to be spending too much time training new staff, or giving existing[…] Read More ›

The Basics of Logistic Management

Distribution logistics management is the efficient transfer of goods from the source of supply through the place of manufacture to the point of consumption in a cost-effective manner while providing an acceptable service to the end customer of the product. The logistics management process begins with raw material accumulation to the final stage of delivering goods to the destination. The best logistics companies provide the service level required by the customer and achieve the optimum balance between total logistics cost and the required customer service level. In order to do this effectively key design elements need to be considered.  They are the design strategy process[…] Read More ›

Furniture and Fixtures Installation

Furniture and fixtures installation is a value-add service typically provided by many companies specializing in third party logistics. Whether it’s for office or home, your furniture installation should begin before the actual day of install. Planning Once you’ve provided drawings of the new layout you require, the 3PL will task a project with scheduling the furniture installation. He or she will inspect the site first, identifying all points of access, unloading and storage areas. Doors, balustrades, and any other areas vulnerable to being damaged will be identified for padding protection. A suitably sized team of people trained in moving and installing furniture will next be[…] Read More ›

Interior Installation Professionals

Interior installation professionals are specialists in their field, whether it be for art and window covering installation or furniture installation. When it comes to an installation or move, professional installers can take the headache out of what could otherwise be a stressful process. Window Covering Installation A professional will measure your windows more accurately. They will measure windows that even look similar, because no window is ever exactly the same size. While measuring they will take into account all conflicting features such as bookcases, door frames and radiators. Headrails will be levelled with shims if necessary, and all support brackets replaced if they cannot be[…] Read More ›