American Western Distribution

Why Choose American Western Distribution for Model Home, Custom Home & Commercial Installation Services?

AWD makes your installation project easy!  You will have a single point of contact to coordinate the receiving, accounting, delivery, installation and all details of your project.  We understand good communication is paramount to a successful installation.  With American Western Distribution all details are pre-planned and reviewed with you to insure every aspect of the project meets and exceeds your requirements.  From the receipt of the first piece of furniture in our warehouse to the hanging of the last picture – AWD guarantees everything will be completed to your satisfaction – 100%.

All of AWD’s personnel complete our training program on installation processes & procedures.  These were created through years of experience installing model homes, custom homes, senior living facilities, assisted living facilities, hospital & medical and many more facility types!

AWD is:

  • Committed to satisfying our customer’s needs
  • We are friendly, polite, accommodating & professionally dressed
  • Trained to handle furniture as well as fragile, delicate items
  • Trained to hang art & window coverings of all types
  • Over 100 years combined experience
  • We know our customers and their needs!

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