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Why a Small to Mid Sized Fulfillment Company Might be the Best Fit for Your Business

In the world of fulfillment, size is often king. Most large logistics companies are trying everything they can to secure business with large companies that ship thousands of orders every month. While these larger warehousing firms may offer top notch quality, many of them have very little interest in helping a small company with minimal orders per month. So what are you to do if this is your business?

Many small businesses, not knowing that there are truly great options, decide to do the fulfillment themselves, investing enormous amounts of time packaging and shipping product to their customers instead of spending that vital time focused on sales and marketing efforts. Unfortunately, they end up losing out on great opportunities to grow their business because they have to devote so much time to this non-core function.

Fortunately, there are some great smaller to mid-sized companies that cater to the specific needs of start up and smaller business that haven’t achieved enormous order volume each month. These companies are great for many reasons, including the below:

  • They have great pricing structures for smaller business
  • They can serve as great partners as they’re a small business as well
  • They offer great service because they generally don’t have large customers exhausting all of their resources

American Western Distribution specializes in helping smaller to mid-sized companies with their order fulfillment and distribution. We can provide the level of service you’d expect with one of the big firms, at the price that you can afford. And if we’re not in your geographic area, we have partners throughout most of the US that we work through to meet your fulfillment goals all the while being managed by AWD!