American Western Distribution


American Western Distribution Warehousing EquipmentAs any good mechanic will tell you; you need the right tools to properly work on your car or truck.  Trying to remove your water pump with pliers is not the ideal approach that will provide the desired result.  Plumbers bring in a large tool box to fix your leak and that mechanic above has a shoulder height tool box to draw from. 

American Western Distribution, a Phoenix warehousing company, is well aware of the fact that to perform a safe and professional job in the receiving, storage and preparation of their customer’s product, having the right tools is a must.  Not only are they well equipped to accommodate the known warehousing & distribution processes but are ready to accomplish any unknown tasks or requirements.

Beginning with the acceptance and receiving of their customer’s products or goods American Western Distribution gives that service a lift.  They utilize the newest line of fork-lift trucks, stand-up lifts and pallet jacks. This equipment is always available and is coupled with proficient and highly trained operators.  Weather the received product is destined for placement under an order fulfillment program, distribution, or model home installation; it will be professionally handled from start to finish.

American Western Distribution is prepared when the customers selected program requires delivery or subsequent distribution of their goods.  Newer model tractor-trailer units can accommodate larger projects in Arizona and across the country.  Augmenting the tractor-trailer fleet are box trucks or bobtails used for smaller shipments and for deliveries.  These vehicles are also used for pickup and deliveries in tight and difficult destinations as they are smaller than a tractor trailer.  Cargo vans and pickup trucks round out the fleet to insure any and all tasks of transportation can be easily accomplished.

The American Western Distribution operations department can also react to most any special requirement and provide equipment that is outside the norm.  On a number of occasions they have performed equipment deliveries to the top of mountains here in Arizona by utilizing 4-wheel drive vehicles with specialized loading methods.

Like the plumbers and the mechanics American Western Distribution’s crews always have their tool boxes ready when on a Senior Living Center or model home installation.  Those boxes contain not only the hAmerican Western Distribution Delivery Serviceard tools that might be needed to assemble IKEA type items but also picture hangers, carpet shields, etc. 

American Western Distribution has all the tools of the trade to insure every project is accomplished according to their customer’s directions and requirements; meeting the customers’ expectations and exceeding them.