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Warehousing for Manufacturers and Distributors

AWD Warehouse cross dock staging areaFulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution are necessary processes for manufacturers and distributors.  Many companies feel forced or that they have no option but to implement these necessary processes in house.

Manufactures and Distributors core competencies are centered on production and marketing and not Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution.  These functions can and probably should be outsourced to save companies valuable resources to put toward their core competencies.  By outsourcing these logistics functions, companies will not need to utilize valuable production space, hire expensive personnel or invest in programs and systems for inventory control and product tracking.

American Western Distribution is a 3PL Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution Company specializing in providing these logistics functions to companies that require these processes but do not want to invest in the infrastructure to put the processes and systems in place.  American Western Distribution can save companies thousands of dollars that will go directly to their bottom line by providing Fulfillment, Warehousing and Distribution services that will not only meet but exceed their expectations.  Our processes and systems are tailored to the needs of our customers.  Each program is individually designed depending on the product, inventory on hand as well as handling and shipping/delivery requirements.

American Western Distribution is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.  Our warehouse is extremely secure with fire
sprinkler and security systems that are monitored 24/7.  The warehouse is a tilt wall concrete facility built in 2000 and is meticulously maintained and clean.

20' Sea Container Delivery

Our web based inventory control program allows our customers a portal view 24/7 of their product on hand in our warehouse as well as inbound and outbound shipments.  This system requires no hardware, no software and is extremely user friendly.  By providing our customers with an access code to our inventory control system, customers see their product only.  Our system is very secure in that no one outside of American Western Distribution has access to your inventory.  Weekly cycle counts are performed to assure integrity and accuracy of your inventory.

Our Fulfillment process is again tailored to individual customers needs.  We have the ability to implement FIFO, pick from multiple skews to fill orders, provide special labeling and packaging as required.  Product inspection, kitting and light assembly are also available.

Distribution can take the form of delivery within the state or shipping worldwide.  American Western Distribution has the ability to deliver your product anywhere within the state of Arizona with its own fleet of trucks or, we can ship your product anywhere in the world utilizing various types of transportation and carriers as required by our customers.  If directed we will provide shipping utilizing customers established discount programs with the carrier of choice.

Pricing for Fulfillment, Warehousing, and Distribution services are once again tailored to each customer’s requirements and needs.  Pricing can be predicated on a number of factors such as volume, handling, picking, kitting, assembly, packaging and shipping or delivery requirements.  Basic pricing would include rates for handling in, storage and handling out plus delivery or shipping charges.  Once again, all of our programs are tailored to the individual needs or our customers and are dependent on the product or products be handled.

American Western Distribution is your answer to outsourcing your Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution needs.

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