American Western Distribution

The Guide to Inventory Management

Your business’s inventory management is an important part of your company’s success. This, above anything else, will help you know what is coming in, what is leaving, and how much money you are making or losing on those items.

What to Know First

There are some factors to consider when setting up your business inventory management system. First, you are going to need some space for your entire inventory. You have to have a potential place for everything that will go there.

Determine Where Your Products Will Go

What will be needed every day? What items can be stored for future use? How you plan your inventory is key to your business’s success. From here, you will be organizing and labeling all of your inventory, including setting up shelves and other places for storage.

Establish an Inventory System

Smart inventory will ensure that everything received, counted and bought will be tallied into your Point of Sale system (POS). This way you get a very accurate inventory count and you can also identify when something is lost, damaged or stolen.

Manage Your Inventory

This is where you will accept initial inventory counts, where labeling and barcodes for items will be produced, barcodes will be scanned, inventory automatically updated, reports generated for when inventory gets low or new inventory comes in.

There is a Better Way

If trying to envision how all of your inventory control and management systems will all come together, remember you don’t have to go it alone. From receiving orders to warehousing programs, order fulfillment to brokerage services, American Western Distribution is your guiding star.

This is due to the fact that AWD has the professional and expert knowledge on what it takes to best maximize the management of everything for your inventory for small business. From point of origin to point of consumption, we help you to meet the requirements of all of your customers and clients.

What We Offer to You

Inventory control systems can be very user friendly. Since they are web-based, there is no hardware or software installation required. Thanks to smart inventory- you have access to receiving reports and updates whenever you desire, 24/7. You are able to search your inventory by product and purchase order. Your information is always accurate and these systems provide you with the ability to locate specific pieces that you may need at a moment’s notice.