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The Art of Moving Sculptures

An artist’s passion is to create art that speaks to and moves people. However, when it comes time to display that art to the world, that in itself another art form, especially when it comes to sculptures. Moving a sculpture installation from studio to gallery or another destination and displaying it as the artist intended can be challenging.

Respect and Attention Your Art Deserves

A lot of planning goes into the moving of a sculpture installation. One does not simply wrap a moving blanket around a sculpture and rent a truck. A work of art deserves to be treated with respect and to be protected from damage. The packing materials used will depend on the patina of the piece, plus the materials used and the dimensions.

Proper Equipment and Personnel for the Job

Depending on the materials used or the size of the sculpture installation, specialized rigging equipment is often required. You need not only equipment, but experts who know how to use it properly. Having personnel on the job who are experienced in moving sculpture installations is crucial for a successful deinstallation or installation.

Placing the Sculpture Installation as Specified

Once the sculpture has been packed and transported to its destination, it needs to be placed exactly as specified by its creator or owner to maintain the piece’s intended impact for its audience. Advanced planning goes into this to avoid any issues onsite during the installation that would deviate from the artist’s vision. This is especially important for modular, kinetic and other sculptures with multiple pieces.

Moving sculpture installations is a job that should not be left to amateurs. It is best left to those who have extensive experience in moving sculpture installations. American Western Distribution’s Interior Installation professionals have the experience and the equipment to make your next sculpture installation a hassle-free success.

Posted on Wednesday, June 14th, 2017 at 11:57 am and is filed under Installation.