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Senior Living Re-Modeling Projects

Senior Living Installation ServicesSenior Living and Memory Care Centers all across the United States are updating and remodeling their current locations to keep in stride with the surge of new facilities being built.  It seems the competition is heating up to serve the needs of the aging ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.  Arizona, with its large retirement population, is no different as a number of companies are reaching out to American Western Distribution’s expertise in receiving, warehousing and professional installation services to assist in the completion of these facilities.  The Interior Design Team plans and places the orders for furniture, artwork and accessories to be delivered to American Western Distribution for these re-modeling projects.  We receive the orders into our inventory for storage until the construction is complete.  AWD then schedules the delivery and completes the installation process working with the Interior Design Team to include assembly and hanging the art using security hardware.

Senior Living Installation ServiceAmerican Western Distribution recently completed the first of a 6 phase re-modeling project in Arizona for Senior Living and Memory Care Centers located in  Paradise Valley, Peoria and Tucson.  The remaining 5 stages of these re-modeling projects are scheduled over the next several months until completion.  Another remodeling project was completed recently in Sun City West.  

These projects can be sensitive because most have residents residing on the premises during the installation phase.  The residents are usually moved to another area or wing of the building during installation for their safety.  Once we have completed the installation, assembly and hanging the art work the residents are moved back into their newly re-modeled living space.  American Western Distribution’s professional installation staff is adept at handling even the most sensitive installations such as these.  Our crews are continually on the watch for curious residents wandering the installation area to get a peek at their new living areas.  We make sure to keep a man located at the entrance and exit doors used to remove the old furniture and bring in the new furnishings to insure the safety of both the residents & facility staff in the area.     

Interior Design TeamAmerican Western Distribution is also involved with a number of installations for brand new Senior Living and Memory Care Centers sprouting up across the state.  We have already completed 2 new installation projects this spring with more scheduled for this summer and fall and even more into 2015 and beyond!  These facilities range from single level campus types facilities to 6 story locations with multiple buildings.

If you are working on any kind of Senior Living or Memory Care facility and would like to discuss your projects details with a professional company that specializes in the warehousing and installation of these buildings – you should Contact American Western Distribution to learn about our processes and procedures and how we will make your job easier!