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Saving Money with Inventory Control

You are constantly looking for ways for your business to save money. You have likely instituted various programs with the idea of cutting costs. Now, it’s time to look at your inventory control program. Smart inventory control and management is the best way for businesses of all sizes to save money. This is great news for small businesses, where every penny counts.

Money Saving Automation

It is amazing the number of small businesses that record inventory by hand. This is not a smart inventory control strategy. An automated inventory control and management system is a great way to save money. This system stores and tracks inventory from the initial delivery at the warehouse all the way to the delivery at the customer’s home. This cuts down on costly mistakes, and it frees up your employees to handle other tasks. In fact, many businesses that use automated systems do not require as many employees.

Proper Conditions

A good inventory control and management system maintains proper storage conditions in order to keep the inventory for a small business in good shape. That means the storage area is covered and has the right temperature and humidity levels. In addition, the warehouse should undergo regular inspections. This is a smart inventory strategy because it helps business owners avoid replacing inventory.

Eliminate Inventory Redundancy

Companies spend a lot of money ordering the same products and parts. When you computerize your inventory control and management system, you will be able to find all of your inventory easily and you will know what is on hand at all times. This means you can keep your inventory at the right levels at all times so you won’t spend unnecessary money.


Not all inventory for a small business should be treated equally, but it often is. That causes businesses to spend time and money on items that aren’t really that important. A smart inventory control and management system includes ABC analysis. This puts the inventory into three categories, with the A category containing the most valuable items and the C category containing the least valuable items.

Smart inventory control and management is necessary for small businesses to compete in the business world. If you stay on top of inventory for your small business, you can get products out to your customers without any problems. That will help you generate lots of repeat business.