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Reasons to Outsource Warehousing

Is your company currently managing its own warehousing operations or are you a startup business looking to enter into a new market?  Whether to outsource to a third party logistics company or to run your operations in-house is an important decision. Here is a list of reasons to consider outsourcing warehousing.

  • If your company’s expertise and resources are not optimized to manage a distribution center
  • Lack of experience in commercial real estate to negotiate an optimal arrangement
  • To gain a competitive advantage over your competitors through the use of supply chain professionals
  • To avoid capital expenditures for equipment, software, and infrastructure
  • To take advantage of the warehousing company’s transportation buying power.
  • To improve your business’s fulfillment and supply chain processes.
  • To utilize value added services such as kitting and final assembly and labeling services.
  • To benefit from advanced technologies and warehousing software without the upfront investment.
  • To acquire flexible and scalable customer service reps for deliveries and shipments.
  • To use a warehousing provider with multiple distribution centers to increase shipment times and reliability.

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