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Proper New Furniture and Fixtures Storage Systems

Sometimes you need to find the best storage system for your office furniture and fixtures. The answer is leased warehouse space. Purchasing your own warehouse is a huge capital investment; far better you lease storage space from a third party logistics provider, or 3PL. You can lease short term or longer, and are usually charged rent adjustable to your inventory levels.

Take a look at some other features you get from outsourcing warehousing storage to a third party logistics provider.

Inventory Control System

Most 3PLs with warehousing function will adopt a state-of-the-art inventory control system, which is both accurate and transparent. Incoming stock is inspected and logged, and from that point on you know precisely its whereabouts and inventory cost.

With furniture, fitting & equipment (FF&E), this has added benefits.  It’s easy to lose track of what office furniture you have, and build up a surplus. With an inventory control system in place, you always know what and what not to keep. Many 3PLs will offer furniture cleaning, or repair and refurbishment, even help you repurpose some items.

Quality, Secure Storage Space

3PLs use prime real estate to attract business. Their warehouses will be large, based in or near major cities and close to manufacturing facilities. They will be clean and dry, with climate control. They will contain high bay pallet storage, as well as plenty of free-standing space. They will have facilities for cross docking and the trans loading of shipping containers in the dry. The layout will be well designed, affording a number of optimum storage solutions for a variety of clients. There is bound to be one that suits your business.

Just don’t suffer sleepless nights. Warehouses should be insured, alarmed and fitted with high-tech video surveillance for safety and security purposes.

Good 3PLs Keep Your Costs Low

If the 3PL can operate with lower overhead, then these savings are passed to you. Keeping warehouse staff to a minimum and using motion-activated lighting are just two ways 3PLs keep costs low.

FF&E Transportation

After your FF&E is received into the warehouse, it can be assembled or repaired if necessary in a staging area. Eventually though it will need transporting to your stores and offices.

Many 3PLs will either own their own flatbed transportation, or have access to a network of carriers’ flatbeds. With their open decks and easy loading, this type of vehicle is ideal for quickly shifting all kinds of shipments like FF&E, provided they’re strapped well and tarped against the inclement weather.


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