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Model Home Installation Services

Model homes need to look perfect in order to entice perspective buyers. Model home installation services make sure that nothing is amiss when decorating and moving furniture into a model home. Real estate development companies can take advantage of staging services, detailed inventory control, and planning services so that the installation proceeds quickly and smoothly, and no time is wasted between the build and getting potential homebuyers inside for a look around the model.

Staging Before Install

Many in home installation services will stage belongings securely in an off-site facility like a warehouse, before the day of the installation. Your furniture and all valuable items, including works of art, will be shrink wrapped and securely packed in boxes, stored such that they can be loaded in reverse order of installation, thus saving time.

Inventory Control

A good in-home installation service will have an excellent inventory control system in place to ensure all of the model home furniture, fixtures, and other items are accounted for at all times. Their friendly, professional staff are trained in handling furniture correctly, without causing damage. Flat-pack furniture should be assembled off-site to save time prior to furniture installation at the model home.

It’s AlliIn The Planning

Ensure your interior installation service visits the site prior to install day to root out potential problems. Tricky items to install can be wall-mounted television sets (especially those with concealed wiring), light fixtures, chandeliers, wall mirrors, draperies and large framed pictures. This is why it’s important you choose an in home installation service carefully, and use only trained professionals who take pride and care in their work.

A good team will have drawn up plans prior to the installation project and have a designated crew leader to ensure everything runs smoothly and all furniture, artworks and appliances are installed to the customer’s requirements. A professional interior installation service will ensure doors and staircases are padded for protection and that carpet shields are deployed in entries prior to furniture installation.

Unloading and unpacking can now proceed as smoothly as a military operation, installing all items accurately and swiftly in the model home. The job isn’t done until all packaging and other debris is cleared away, the site has been fully inspected and the real estate development representative is entirely satisfied with the installation.

When it comes to model homes, efficiency and speed are essential. Trust professional model home installation services to get the model home show-ready in the shortest time possible.

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