American Western Distribution

Keeping Things Cool!

With the Arizona summer months fast approaching (and the heat) we are reminded to take precautions when traveling and being outside for any length of time.

This time of year our installation crews always pack coolers full of water & ice.  Water alone though is not enough!  We recommend that our crews alternate between water and Gatorade to replenish their electrolytes!  It also helps to eat a lighter lunch, in other words avoid the pizza & burger & fries meals at lunch time!  Aside from their 30 minute lunch, AWD’s crews know to take breaks as needed during the day in order to cool down and keep hydrated.

Many of our customers are from out of state, so hopefully this information will help prepare you for the Arizona summer heat during your installation in Arizona.

AWD is proactive in crew safety & well being!Climate Controlled Warehouse

Last summer, AWD provided every crew member with a reusable ‘Arctic Chill Towel’ to aid in staying cool.  These provide an evaporative cooling effect that drops 20 – 30 degrees below body temperature.

AWD also purchased a large evaporative cooler to use on our docks when loading & unloading trailers and sea containers.  During the summer the temperature inside the trailers or containers can get to 130 – 150 degrees!  These coolers bring the temperature down to a workable range which allows our staff to work safely, more efficiently and faster which all translates to customer savings!

Warehousing Facility PhoenixAWD Purchases Mobile Cooler!

In preparation for this summer’s heat, AWD recently purchased mobile evaporative coolers to use while unloading our trailers at the job site!  There are always 1 or 2 people staged inside the trailer for unloading.  With a ‘Mobile Cooler’ inside the trailer at the job site our crews will stay fresh and work faster to complete your project!  AWD bends over backwards to keep our crews cool in our Arizona summer heat.  We strive to provide a safe and conformable work environment for their safety and to better serve our customers.