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Is Your Warehouse and Distribution Partner Properly Insured?

With today’s competitive economy and price pressures everyone is looking for the lowest Warehousing and Distribution costs they can find. There are many factors that affect the net price structure offered by your 3PL warehousing partner. One of the most important is insurance costs. Does your Third Party Logistics Partner have the proper insurance to protect your products? Are your products covered while on the dock and in storage? Other insurance costs that add to the overhead of reputable warehousing and distribution companies include worker compensation, auto, general liability, transportation, cargo and umbrella coverage’s.

There are a lot of companies whose rates appear to be much cheaper when comparing to other quotes you may have received. There is almost always a good reason for this and insurance is one of them! Sometimes the lowest quote isn’t really the best option! Make sure to inquire about your 3PL provider’s insurance coverage so you are not taken by surprise when something happens and discover they have little or no insurance coverage!

At AWD you’re covered from the time your products arrive at our docks to the time they leave!

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