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Interior Installation Professionals

Interior installation professionals are specialists in their field, whether it be for art and window covering installation or furniture installation. When it comes to an installation or move, professional installers can take the headache out of what could otherwise be a stressful process.

Window Covering Installation

A professional will measure your windows more accurately. They will measure windows that even look similar, because no window is ever exactly the same size. While measuring they will take into account all conflicting features such as bookcases, door frames and radiators. Headrails will be levelled with shims if necessary, and all support brackets replaced if they cannot be trusted to take the load. Valances will be checked to be level and correctly positioned.

Window covering installations are either indoor or outdoor mounted, depending whether the drapery is mounted inside the wall casing or above it. Outdoor mounted windows give the appearance of being taller and allow more light.

Each window covering installation product requires a different means of measurement. That’s why it’s important to engage a professional to ensure you don’t finish up with a faulty window operation, or light bleaching around the sides of the drapery into the room.

Furniture Installation

Whether it’s for office or home, your furniture installation should be handled by a professional interior installation service to minimize risk of damage and to reduce stress for you throughout the moving process. These trained specialists will ensure your furniture is protected during unloading, together with any doors or walls that might come into contact during the installation. Shrink wrap and padding (certainly not your fingers) should be the only thing that comes in contact between hard surfaces. A well led furniture installation team will plan the whole operation from drawings you supply and ensure your furniture is installed in the precise locations, then cleaned with all packaging cleared away.

Interior installation services will be familiar with the installation of racking, desks, cabinets, as well as bedroom furniture. Where feasible, these will be assembled off-site in a staging area prior to installation day, saving time and lowering costs.

Art Installation

Installing your works of art into a new home involves some careful planning to ensure it remains safe, secure and looks its best. Interior installation services will always locate art away from damaging direct sunlight. Framed paintings should be protected with shrink wrap and positioned where they’re not in line with furniture and door frames for optimum aesthetic effect. Your works of art should be positioned at a safe distance from direct heat sources, including radiators, and steam-producing kitchen and bathroom areas.

Hire a professional interior installation service and take the grief out of in home installation. Instead just sit back and enjoy your new home surroundings.

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