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The Art of Moving Sculptures

An artist’s passion is to create art that speaks to and moves people. However, when it comes time to display that art to the world, that in itself another art form, especially when it comes to sculptures. Moving a sculpture installation from studio to gallery or another destination and displaying it as the artist intended can be challenging. Respect and Attention Your Art Deserves A lot of planning goes into the moving of a sculpture installation. One does not simply wrap a moving blanket around a sculpture and rent a truck. A work of art deserves to be treated with respect and to be protected[…] Read More ›

Common Furniture Installation Questions Finally Answered!

Once you have partnered with a professional installation company, you may have some questions about how the entire process works. After all, you have a lot riding on what happens next. With that in mind, read on for some answers to common furniture installation questions. Communication is Key You will want to be dealing with a single point of contact from start to finish, so you never have to feel as if you are explaining your situation anew every time you call. Your project is coordinated, and all installation dates, receiving and accounting are handled efficiently. You should feel confident at every step of the[…] Read More ›

The Do’s and Dont’s of Art Hanging

One of the finishing touches to any room is its art. You may have specific items such as lamps or vases that will complement your room and its colors and textures. One of the things that seem to stump people is how to correctly hang their wall art. It’s Not One Size Fits All Wall art comes in many shapes and sizes. You may have brand new items that need to be positioned, or older more traditional family portraits and the like that look well together. If you walk into any home or hardware store, you’ll be amazed and confused at all of the hardware[…] Read More ›

Art Handling and Installation Tips

Good art handling moves artwork from one location to another in a way that does no damage to the artwork. Basic care and common sense will usually be enough to achieve this objective. If the works to be handled are of a delicate nature, more than ordinary care and attention is required. Once the art work is in your home then the process of deciding where to hang it and how best to install it on your walls or in other areas of your home begins.  A good in home installation company can help provide the services necessary to properly install artwork so that it[…] Read More ›

What Furniture Installation Can Teach You About Planning

You may think that furniture installation is something that doesn’t require a lot of extra thought. When it comes to your business or custom home, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. The installation of desks, chairs, cubicles and other office equipment might seem like an easy thing to do, but, in reality there is a real planning phase that goes into any furniture installation to ensure success. Plan Ahead for Best Results Imagine pulling your entire staff off of their everyday duties to have them set up and install their own office spaces and other company areas. How well do you think this[…] Read More ›

How to Contract the Best Interior Installation Company

When it comes to finding and hiring an interior installation service to do home installation, there are a number of things to look for in order to find the best interior installation company. 1:    Experience This is a big one. Does the company have the experience required to provide you with the best possible in home installation? 2:     Backed by Licenses and Insurance Make sure that the company you choose is licensed, bonded, and insured. 3:    Transparent with Available References An installer should always be willing to provide a portfolio and references. 4:    Quality Parts When choosing an installer, look for one who only uses[…] Read More ›

4 Ways to Improve Your Business by Using a Professional Installation Company

If you sell products that need to be installed, it is essential that you use a professional interior installation service. Hiring someone off the street or tasking your employees with the installation can hurt your business. In fact, there are various reasons why a professional installation company is the way to go for all installations. Minimizes Disruption Whether you are dealing with an in home installation or installing items in a hospital, downtime needs to be minimized. If you fail to use a professional service, the home or facility could be shut down for days or weeks. That is not acceptable in today’s business world. […] Read More ›

Senior Living Re-Modeling Projects

Senior Living and Memory Care Centers all across the United States are updating and remodeling their current locations to keep in stride with the surge of new facilities being built.  It seems the competition is heating up to serve the needs of the aging ‘Baby Boomer’ generation.  Arizona, with its large retirement population, is no different as a number of companies are reaching out to American Western Distribution’s expertise in receiving, warehousing and professional installation services to assist in the completion of these facilities.  The Interior Design Team plans and places the orders for furniture, artwork and accessories to be delivered to American Western Distribution for these[…] Read More ›

Memory Care Center Install Complete!

During the first week of April, American Western Distribution completed the installation of a new 2 story Senior Living & Memory Care Center located in Gilbert, AZ for one of our design customers.  This was the first of 2 buildings on the property.  The facility will open upon completion of both buildings.  Construction of the second 2 two story building is just being completed and is scheduled for installation by American Western Distribution during the later part of June. The local design company in charge of the project placed their orders many months ago for the furniture, accessories and art for this project.  The inventory[…] Read More ›

Model Home Furniture & Furnishings SALE!

We are having a HUGE model home furniture sale (lots of artwork and accessories as well) at our warehouse this weekend! Please come check it out, everything must go! Friday and Saturday, 8-6 pm!!!! Below is the craigslist link and it includes a small amount of pictures of what’s for sale! Share with friends and family!