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Fulfillment for Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding campaigns are great way to generate interest and capital for bringing a new product to the market. However, what many crowdfunding project owners tend to overlook is how they are going to get that new product, or rewards for contributing, to their backers. More importantly, they have neglected to include the costs for shipping and fulfillment. What Needs to Be Considered with Fulfillment Costs There are four general costs to consider when building fulfillment costs into your overall funding plan: The cost of getting the products. If you’re not producing the product by yourself, you’ll need to account for the cost of shipping it[…] Read More ›

Supply Chain Strategy: Lowering Costs vs Increasing Sales

It’s no secret: improving supply chains will improve sales. This is something  executives have always known about. However, because it was difficult to evaluate the supply chain/increased sales correlation, most companies only approved supply chain investments based on expected cost reductions and their working capital. Today, with the digitalization of supply chains and the wealth of information available, improvements to supply chain strategies can be easily calculated. An Early Supply Chain Success One of the earliest winners with supply chain success was Dell Computers even as it was facing tough competition from other low-cost computer manufacturers. Dell cut out the middleman by selling its custom[…] Read More ›

A Day in the Life of the Best Logistics Company

Everyone in business knows there’s a lot more to what goes on then just what is seen from the outside. There are inner workings that if set up correctly, are crucial to a company’s success. Planning, executing and optimizing transportation operations, there’s no room for mistakes in understanding how all of your fulfillment and logistics come together. The Process is Key Once orders are received, the process has begun. Shipping the order out to a customer seems like it’s a simple enough process. However, all businesses are different. All transactions differ. All vendors are different. The whole process, inevitably, can lead to all kinds of[…] Read More ›

Order Fulfillment for Startups & Small Businesses

Some small businesses and startups handle their own order fulfillment. That is actually a mistake. Small businesses and startups that outsource their order fulfillment services enjoy several benefits that help them compete in the business world. Because of that, every business owner should consider outsourcing these tasks. Cost Effective Having your own order fulfillment services onsite is incredibly expensive. You have to have storage space, technology, supplies, and equipment. On top of that, you need security to protect the inventory for your small business. All of these costs add up. You won’t have these capital expenditures if you hire someone else to handle your warehouse[…] Read More ›

Why Order Fulfillment is So Important to Your Business

Companies often feel like the hard work is done once they get someone to place an order. After all, the money is in the bank, and that is what business is all about. The truth is, the order fulfillment process is one of the most important aspects of running a business. If a company does not have proper order fulfillment services in place, they will not stay in business for very long. That’s why it is incredibly important for businesses to analyze their warehouse fulfillment processes to make sure that everything is up and running as it should. Fulfillment Matters to Customers According to a[…] Read More ›

Customized Fulfillment Services

Some companies take a one size fits all approach to warehouse fulfillment services. Because of that, lots of businesses simply do not get their needs met. Customized order fulfillment services ensure that companies get exactly what they need every time they use the service. This improves satisfaction across the board, from the satisfaction of the companies all the way down to the satisfaction of the customers. Determining Your Needs Customized warehouse fulfillment services start with analyzing the company’s needs. You might have various projects that require specific storage, or you might have items that require assembly and installation. If you use customized order fulfillment services,[…] Read More ›

Turn-Key Fulfillment Systems: Are They Really That Useful?

If you are in the business world, you have probably debated using a turn-key fulfillment system or outsourcing different tasks to different companies. The truth is, it is always a good idea to go with a turn-key solution when one is available. Turn-key solutions offer benefits that you won’t receive if you outsource your inventory management tasks to various companies. Cost Benefits When you outsource tasks to various companies, you can expect to pay tons of money. On the other hand, when you use a turn-key solution, you will save money on inventory management. Because one company is handing all of the inventory management and[…] Read More ›

The Importance of Quick Order Fulfillment

Order fulfillment is the backbone of a business. There are several steps involved in the order fulfillment process. It begins with receiving the order and ends with delivering it. There are also several steps in between. Because there are so many steps involved, some companies take a long time to fulfill orders. That is a mistake. Companies that offer fast inventory fulfillment services enjoy several benefits. Booming Business When companies provide fast order fulfillment services, their customers enjoy a positive experience. They receive their products quickly, which means they are more likely to leave positive feedback, refer their friends, and use the services again. Repeat[…] Read More ›

3 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know to Improve Their Order Fulfillment Processes

You probably know that a strong order fulfillment system can increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. What you may not know, though, is how you can go about improving your order fulfillment services. There are three tips you can use to improve your order processing system and fulfillment services. Then, you can begin to enjoy the benefits that come with offering solid order fulfillment services. Automated Shipping Improves Efficiency Visual shipment verification takes time and is subject to human error. Replace manual and visual verification with bar codes and scale weights. Then, the machines will do the verification work for your order processing[…] Read More ›

AWD’s Web Based Inventory Control System!

A much appreciated value added feature offered by AWD is our proprietary inventory control system. Interior Design companies and Home Builders have long told us one of their major concerns is having the inventory added into the system immediately upon receipt to the warehouse. We listened and implemented a user friendly web based system with 24/7 access for our accounts. Web based with no hardware or software required Very user friendly in Excel, PDF or CSV formats. Access to receiving reports 24/7 Search feature to find inventory by project and purchase order Color photo catalogs available Accurate up to date information Regular cycle counts Ability to locate[…] Read More ›