American Western Distribution

AWD’s Services Compared with Other Phoenix, AZ Distribution Centers

If you’re looking for an inventory management and order fulfillment company, you want to find the very best. In your quest for the top logistics companies, you have come across  American Western Distribution (AWD). Now, you want to know what sets AWD apart from other distribution centers. AWD actually offers many things that most of its competitors don’t, which is why it is considered one of the top choices for inventory management and fulfillment.

Turn-Key Solution

Many companies handle one task. AWD handles the entire inventory management and order fulfillment process. This turn-key company handles warehousing, distribution, fulfillment, transportation, and installation services. When you go with a company that handles everything, you can save money. You also receive a more efficient service than you would if you outsourced tasks to various companies. Instead of going with lots of different companies, it makes sense to stick with a turn-key solution like AWD.

Warehouse and Transportation

AWD also stands out from the competition in regards to its warehouse and transportation services. To begin with, the company has a newer model, climate controlled warehouse that offers state of the art inventory management technology and various storage options. It also has vehicles that use sophisticated tracking systems so trucks are never out of sight. The warehouse and transportation options mean you never have to worry about where your items are when you use AWD. This makes inventory management a lot less stressful. While a lot of the top logistics companies keep their customers out of the loop, AWD lets people see their products every step of the way.

Web Based Solutions

A lot of the top logistics companies require that companies install sophisticated software on their computers to check up on their inventory. Many companies actually have to get new systems just to install the software. AWD makes it easier by offering a web based solution. That means you can log into your inventory management system from any device with internet access, without installing expensive, burdensome software. This makes it much easier to keep track of your items. It also allows companies to have a top solution without spending tons of money on equipment upgrades.

There are lots of companies that claim to be one of the top logistics companies, but American Western Distribution offers more. This turn-key company has everything companies need for stress-free order management and fulfillment.