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American Western Distribution Delivery TruckYour company has a product to sell.  When it is sold you then need to get that product to your customer properly packaged, un-damaged, and in a timely manner.  If your company has the volume of a company as large as Amazon you may well develop an in-house fulfillment operation.  For many other organizations they will outsource that delivery system to allow them to concentrate on their core competencies; creating their product and selling it.  Customer service and bottom line profit are a must and that’s where AWD can help.

American Western Distribution and its turn-key fulfillment systems will take care of picking, packaging and shipping your orders.  Companies of almost any size can benefit from outsourcing their order fulfillment department.  Whatever size, shape, or weight of your product chances are that AWD can design a specific program for your company.  Business should think about outsourcing their fulfillment program before they begin to hire an internal staff to provide this service.  Why re-invent the wheel when AWD has it already turning.

Office or manufacturing space that would be utilized for product storage with an in-house fulfillment program can now be better used.  AWD will store that inventory in their climate controlled warehouse.  With AWD’s web-based control and reporting system you will retain complete control of your stock.  Physical inventories and cycle counts can also be provided.

Pricing of order fulfillment is based on factors such as product, volume, and shipping fees.  The basic fulfillment fees charged would be: warehouse handling in, storage while in AWD’s facility and warehouse handling out which would apply when orders are received for the product to ship to your customers.  American Western Distribution proudly customizes each and every customers warehousing program to fit your specific requirements.  They are not a one size fits all company!  Whether you require re-packaging, private labeling, re-labeling, kitting, returns processing, cross dock operations, assembly, product inspection, etc. the folks at American Western Distribution gladly design your program around your needs!

In addition to the warehousing fees, there would be charges for the actual shipping or mailing costs based on your choice of shipping methods.  The method of shipping can be directed by your company utilizing any existing discounted program you enjoy or you can take advantage of American Western Distributions shipping programs.  When all these fees are combined they would still be more cost effective when compared to the cost of maintaining an in-house shipping department.

Please allow American Western Distribution to answer any questions about their fulfillment programs and to assure you that they will EXCEED your expectations!

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