American Western Distribution

American Western Distribution Thinks Safety

American Western Distribution, a leading warehouse and distribution company domiciled in Phoenix, Arizona has safety on its mind.  Safety for its employees, its customers and the product they handle.

Safety for Employees

  • Safety for its employees is not just a onetime “safety meeting” but an ongoing comprehensive program that covers all aspects of warehousing and distribution activity.  These activities include but are not limited to the following:
  • Continual training on the proper and safe operation of fork-lift trucks, pallet jacks and other mechanical handling equipment as well as box truck and tractor trailers. 
  • Sound warehousing rack structure and proper storage load placement on shelving and racking.
  • Adequate separation of storage areas and mechanical operating avenues assures warehousing facility and storage product safety.
  • The wearing and use of proper warehousing and distribution protective equipment such as; steel toe shoes, gloves, goggles, hard hats and fall protection harnesses when required.
  • The performance of set periodic maintenance and the servicing of our equipment and the warehousing facility to insure proper function, cleanliness and safe operation. 
  • Adherence to all DOT and safety regulations is strictly monitored and practiced by all employees and regularly scheduled training is performed to assure up to date practices are in place.
  • American Western Distribution provides and maintains a safe and healthy work environment that complies with industry standards and all governing rules and regulations.

Safety for Customers

  • Safety for its customers is a paramount concern for any warehouse and distribution company here in Phoenix or anywhere.  Not just their physical safety when visiting our climate controlled warehouse but the safety of their product when in American Western Distributions care and custody. 
  • When customers visit American Western Distributions climate controlled warehouse they are escorted by a member of the company’s staff. 
  • Another of our warehousing and distribution safety measures is our “Virtual Inspection” program.  This not only saves you time but eliminates the need to enter our busy warehousing facility.  If you need to view a particular item or several items, we can contact you upon their arrival and set up a “Face Time Call” to provide a 360 degree view of your order! 
  • Proper signs are posted to depict restricted areas, exits, and possible wet floor areas.

Safety for Product

  • Safety for our customer’s products begins with having the correct number of warehouse personnel available to properly receive and check all incoming shipments.  Goods are inspected for proper count and to note and record any damage on your receiving report.
  • Product is then carefully stored in our Phoenix warehousing facility for future order fulfillment, prepared for delivery or subsequent shipping.
  • All product/material is received into our web based inventory control system within 24 hours of receipt to insure accuracy in receiving and location control.  Our customers have a portal view of their product through our inventory control system 24/7.
  • Product is padded, wrapped, shrink wrapped, vaulted and racked as the product requires upon entering our Phoenix warehousing facility.
  • Safety is a primary objective for American Western Distribution.  The Control of any losses or injury is achieved through the combined efforts of all employees while adhering to defined processes.

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