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3 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know to Improve Their Order Fulfillment Processes

You probably know that a strong order fulfillment system can increase customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. What you may not know, though, is how you can go about improving your order fulfillment services. There are three tips you can use to improve your order processing system and fulfillment services. Then, you can begin to enjoy the benefits that come with offering solid order fulfillment services.

Automated Shipping Improves Efficiency

Visual shipment verification takes time and is subject to human error. Replace manual and visual verification with bar codes and scale weights. Then, the machines will do the verification work for your order processing system. This will help you get packages out of the warehouse and into the hands of the customers faster. It will also cut down on shipping mistakes. This will help you get lots of repeat business.

Optimized Slotting Improves Speed

A good order processing system includes optimized slotting. You need to think about where you put each item in the warehouse. This will help you with both fulfilling the orders and inventory management. Most companies do this half right. They put the popular items near the front so warehouse personnel can grab them quickly. It’s important to have easy access to the popular items, but putting them all together leads to congestion. Instead of putting them all in one spot, use the stripe method and spread them out along shelves so pickers can go up and down the shelves to get the items without tripping over each other. Companies that use this tip when customizing their order fulfillment services enjoy a great deal of success.

Preparation Speeds up the Process

Most inventory management systems consist of unpacked inventory waiting on shelves. Savvy companies understand that some products take longer to package so they have some ready to go. They simply have to place the shipping information on the package and then send it out. Have some packages ready so you pickers can pull them off the shelves and send them out. This will speed up all of your order fulfillment services.

Use these tips when creating your inventory management system. They will help you run a more efficient and profitable business. Then, you can increase your bottom line and your customer satisfaction. That will help you stay in business for decades to come. Smart businesses know it all begins with strong order fulfillment services so get started today.

Posted on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 at 12:21 pm and is filed under Fulfillment.